This site is an on going project designed to bring together my personal thoughts and experiences when designing material for the web. It is also partly a showcase of my own productions but it's primary aim is to do help others see what problems I have had and to be able to avoid them in the future.

The site will have four main sections. A showcase of some of my recent projects; some work in progress material and tutorials that I will create on some web design techniques that I use. Naturally like all good web sites there will be a links section. First of all I have to code it.

With this aim in mind I am forgoing all copyright and intellectual property rights on the materials on this site. All that I ask is that if you decide to use anything from this site you credit me somewhere, even if it is in a <!-- comment -->

About this layout

In a non standards compliant browser (such as a mobile device) or a older browser the user sees a message explaining to them why they are seeing an apparently badly laid out page and inviting them to visit the webstandards site and also to download a newer browser.

The header is the first element to be rendered followed by the content in the center then the the element you are currently reading and then the left hand side menu. This means that the user sees the site in a logical order and does not get the opportunity to click on a link until they have read at least some of the content

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